Our well-trained and loving staff dotes on your pets, night and day. Our love for animals is genuine and caring for them is how we thank them for giving us so much. Each of us participates in monthly education and training to keep us at the forefront of the pet-care field.

Dr. Iain Brodie

From a young age I knew that I wanted to be a veterinarian, and so worked diligently towards my goal throughout high school. My work was rewarded with a place at the Royal Veterinary College in Edinburgh, in my home country of Scotland. Upon graduation I undertook a one year internship in order to further my knowledge, before trading the beautiful scenery of Scotland for the beautiful weather of Florida.

Having worked for a couple of different practices in Pinellas I was unhappy with the corporate side of veterinary medicine, and so I jumped at the chance to join the team at Hagan’s. The combination of modern medicine with old fashioned traditional values is a breath of fresh air.

When I’m not in the clinic I’m enjoying family life with my wife Holly, our two sons, Brantly and Brennan, and our three dogs, Gus, Fez and Layla.

Dr. D.E. Huber, DVM

Dr. Huber has been caring for animals for more than 40 years. He’s beyond pleased to share his love of animals with his son Hagan, and to work side-by-side within the Sarasota/Bradenton community. “We’re so grateful for the opportunity to give back to the cities that have captured our hearts,” Dr. Huber said. “We’ve been given the opportunity to meet special people and pets alike. We both feel very blessed.” Graduates of Auburn University, both men and their families have called Sarasota home for decades and are honored to have built their careers in such a beautiful and special place.

Hagan Huber

My father is a veterinarian and taught me to love and care for animals from a very young age. And I, in turn, passed along our family’s passion for animals to my daughter. I guess you could say it’s in our blood! It may be my name on the building, but Hagan’s Pet Resort is truly a family-owned business, reflecting three generations of animal lovers. And I wouldn’t have it any other way.

The idea started when I was at Auburn University. Boarding my pets felt like punishment. They were locked in smelly wire and concrete “cages” that passed as kennels. I wanted so much more for my beloved animals. I wanted to see them healthy, happy and carefree. For me, few things in life bring greater joy.

That’s what drove me to build a pet resort that surpassed any other boarding facility. I wanted a place where pets would feel at home, cared for by people who love animals as much as their owners and I do. A place where every one – with two or four legs – would feel welcome. In short, I wanted the best for the animals I love so much.

Dr. Fred Rader

Fred Rader, DVM Dr. Rader is affectionately known by clients and staff as “Doc”. Everyone looks to Doc for his guidance and expertise based on his many years of experience. Doc graduated from Ohio State Veterinary School in 1962. He practiced in Lafayette, Indiana from 1962 until 1967 working with some small animals but concentrating on farm animals. Doc moved to Long Grove in October of 1967 and founded Skycrest Animal Clinic. For the first five years, while building the practice, he also worked as a relief Veterinarian in the Chicago area.

Doc raised shelties and golden retrievers while his four children were growing up. He has since become well known far and wide for his expertise with Dobermans. After practicing for50 years, Dr. Rader enjoys spending most of the year in Florida with his wife Nancy and their dog Indy.

Holly Brodie
Marketing and Social Media Director

I met my husband Dr. Iain Brodie DVM in 2010 in my home town of St Petersburg. We both had the same interests at heart; family and animals. My love for my community and my family led me to my new position working alongside my husband creating a positive marketing and social media network to educate our pet lovers.

When not working or donating time to our community I enjoy spending time with my husband Iain and our children Brantly and Brennan.

Ansley Yingling
Veterinary Technician

Having been around animals my whole life, I knew from a young age that I wanted a career in the veterinary field. My work and home life both reflect my passion for animals. I live on a ranch where we breed Registered Brahman Cattle. Living on a ranch has taught me the patience needed to work with animals; large and small. I love assisting in surgery and seeing the recovery of animals. When I’m not at work, I am either riding my horses or working on the ranch.

Josie Beland
Veterinary Clinic Office Manager

I was born in Quebec Canada and always had the love bug for animals. Growing up on a small farm I always felt the need to learn, love and respect my surroundings. My love for animals led my way to Sarasota Fl. where I studied business and animal science, I worked several years in the business world but always felt the calling to return to my roots. ( animals). I then applied to Hagan’s Pet Resort and Veterinary clinic, after hearing from several friends about the atmosphere they instilled and their own love of animals. After meeting Dr Huber and Dr. Brodie I knew I found the perfect fit. When not at work I enjoy riding my horse, my family and my three dogs Levi, Ellie-May, and Dexter.

Keith Cummings
Kennel Supervisor

One of our most loyal and qualified kennel supervisors and just loves animals, volunteering with over 10 years experience.

Hagan Rene Huber
Veterinary Technician

I fell in love with my grandfather and fathers work as a child.. Growing up on a farm taught me to be responsible. I love coming home from college in Jacksonville and working with the animals. I’m currently attending college to become an attorney. I love my dog Ford and enjoy being outside with my friends and our trucks. “Be kind to all animals or one day I will see you in court.”

Theresa Cummings
Head Surgery Technician

I started my veterinary technician schooling in 1998. My love for animals started as a small child and I knew what I was going to do with my life. I  dedicated myself to my job, my two boys and my yellow lab Zoey. In my off time you can find my enjoying all types of outdoor activities.

Janie Fowler
Head Veterinary Technician

I fell in love with my best friend ” Bogey” when I was just 4 years old. It was then I knew my way in life was to help, love, and learn all I could for all animals. I have dedicated my life proudly to the field of veterinary medicine. All creatures big and small need help sometimes. As a practicing vet tech for the past 25 years I’ve been through triumph and heart ache, but I would never have chosen any other field. Animals are where my heart is. I spend my down time volunteering or traveling. Life is short enjoy what you do.

Cathy McColm
Clinic Office Manager

I was born in Quebec, Canada and have lived in Florida for the past 26 years. I am fluent in French and have had the opportunity to converse with some of our northern clients in French. I’ve been around animals all of my life and currently have 1 dog, 5 cats, a parrot and 2 horses.

Melody Martin
Assistant Clinic Manager

Like all kids I fell in love with our family dog “Eagle” there is a special bond between owner and pet.

I have known the Huber’s for years and decided to do what I enjoyed while attending college. Enjoying what you do with people that enjoy their work makes all the difference. In my down time I enjoy fishing, boating, jet skiing and time with family and friends

Heather Green-Lyman
Grooming Manager

Heather joined Hagan’s Pet Resort in 2003 and couldn’t be more grateful to work with the wonderful clientele who entrust her with their dogs. She loves running the grooming department and adores all the animals that cross her path.

Melanie Wright
Kennel Office Manager

Melanie has a soft spot for both animals and children. She pursued a Special Education degree at Catawba College in North Carolina, but her love of animals ultimately compelled her to work more closely with them. She joined Hagan’s in 2002. When she’s not working, she spends time with her three children and a household of pets, including turtles, two dogs and a cockatoo.

Marie Lane
Receptionist / Kennel Technician

Marie is used to being surrounded by animals, at home and at work. She grew up surrounded by cows on a farm and became involved with 4H early on. Since then, she graduated from Kansas State University with a bachelor’s degree in Animal Science and has immersed herself in working with a variety animals as a kennel attendant, veterinary assistant and horse trainer. She joined Hagan’s in 2012. Her “children” include her cats Schmitty and Huggie; Lexis, a Sheltie; and Monkey, an albino Shih Tzu mix.

Kayla Campbell
Kennel Assistant Manager

Kayla has been part of the Huber “family” since she was 15 and is pursuing a degree in Early Childhood Education from State College of Florida. She and her husband adore their four cats, three dogs and two ferrets.