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Hagans boarding facility

boarding play area

"Our entire facility is completely air-conditioned
and heated with piped in music to again provide a
more at home feeling"

Hagan's Pet Resort offers a variety of boarding techniques. An owner may choose to let their pet stay in one of our suites that offer cable television, toddler beds, piped in music and tile flooring. These guys are checked in on 8 to 9 times per day, exercised 5 to 6 times per day and taken out again at night between the hours of 8:00 and 10:30.

We offer new tiled floor runs with a divider system so a pet doesn't have to feel as if he/she must defend their territory. We also offer see-through fencing for those owners that just brought home a new family member that kind of gets on the nerves of OLE Neptune, who’s set in his ways. This allows the two to see & sleep next to each other but still relax without the young gun jumps all over him while he takes his well deserved nap.

We also offer a separate cat condo area. This is like nothing you’ve ever seen. We have built 4 level condos so these guys can move and explore like cats are meant to. They have a sleeping area, a feeding area, a play area and a well you know. Our cats are also let out to play while our housekeepers keep there quarters clean. We also provide the kitty cat look out. An outside porch area to play watch birds & people, climb trees or just lounge around. At the end of the day our staff places them back into their suite, for a relaxing evening.

Our entire facility is completely air-conditioned and heated with piped in music to again provide a more at home feeling. Our exercise area is a large fenced in 5 acre play area. We treat this area every 6 weeks for fleas and ticks to maintain a healthy and friendly environment.

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